Japan Public Health Association





1. General Goal

  The Japan Public Health Association (JPHA) is an incorporated foundation devoting to promotion of public health and improvement of healthy life of the Japanese nation. The activities and programs of JPHA are as follows;

- to conduct researches on public health measures

- to encourage and to subsidize public health researches

- to coordinate activities of public health organizations

- to host academic meetings and training courses

- to disseminate public health information

- to publish books and journals on public health

- to conduct other programs in order to achieve the goals of JPHA


2. Nationwide Events

(1) 11th National Conference on Community Health (place and time undecided)

  The estimated number of the participants is about 2,000.

  The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Chairman of JPHA and the Chairman of the National Federation of Community Health will give commendations.

  Commemorative lectures and symposia on community health, health promotion and environment health will be held.


(2) 29th National Academic Meeting of Public Health Nurses, 16-17, Nov. 2007, in Otsu, Shiga

  The estimated number of the participants is about 850.

  Special lectures, symposia, workshops, academic sessions and educational lectures will be held.


3. Dissemination and Enlightening Activities of Public Health Knowledge


(1) The Provision of Community Health Information by the Internet

  The community health information is provided to the community health staffs by the internet.

The homepage address of JPHA is http://www.jpha.or.jp/

(2) The Provision of Literature Information

  gThe Examples of the Special Business in Community Healthh will be made and provided to the prefectural governments and the related organizations.



4. International Activities


@  As a member of WFPHA, JPHA cooperates with the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA).

A  41st Annual Meeting of WFPHA, 12-14, May 2007, Geneva, Switzerland

B 135th Annual Conference and Expositions of the American Public Health Association (APHA), 3-7 Nov. 2007, Washington, DC, USA.

C@To collect and exchange the latest information on public health in the foreign countries


5. Publication


@ Monthly Bulletin hPublic Health Informationh

  JPHA publishes the monthly bulletin, gPublic Health Information,h whose editorship and dissemination are entrusted to the Life Publishing Co.


A Publication of Books

  JPHA publishes books related to public health, for example, gThe Prevention and the Countermeasures against Influenza 2006(Simple Edition),h gOutline of Public Health Administration (21st Edition),h gDevelopment of Epidemiological Research of Stroke in the Community and the Countermeasuresh and so on.

6. Coordination and Cooperation with the Relevant Organizations


@The administrative affairs of the following relevant organizations are entrusted to JPHA, and the coordination and cooperation with other organizations are also conducted.

- Japanese Society of Public Health

-- National Association of Health Directors of Prefectural Governments

-- National Association of Directors of Public Health Centers

-- National Association of Chief Public Health Nurses of Public Health Centers

-- National Federation of Training Institutions of Public Health Nurses



7. Survey and Research Program on Public Health


T@Programs under the subsidy of MHLW


(1)   Comprehensive Programs on Community Health@


@ Comprehensive Promotion Program on Community Health

In order to promote the comprehensive and effective community health activities, the nationwide objective survey of the needs for community health activities, the test of their validity and the dissemination of their outcomes have been conducted since 1994 under the cooperation with such nationwide organizations as the National Association Health Directors of Prefectural Governments, the National Association of Directors of Public Health Centers and the National Association of Chief Public Health Nurses of Public Health Centers.

A Community Health Research Conference

In order to present the results of the researches of gComprehensive Promotion Program on Community Healthh and gResearch Program on maintenance of health crisis management systemh which have been under the leading of MHLW, Community Health Research Conference has been held in March every year.


B@Planning of the trainings

JPHA takes the planning and the implementation of trainings for the personnel in health, medical services and welfare services, for example the assistance for the municipal health centers, community health personnel, public health nurses (in the bloc areas), and the heads of public health nurses.


C@Provision of Health Information

JPHA provides the comprehensive community health information, for example the provision of the literatures relating to the community health, and the information dissemination of the unique activities of community health.


D International Activities

JPHA collects and exchanges the information relating to the health policies in the foreign countries, and examines the international cooperation relating to the public health.


(2) Survey and Research on the Health and Health Promotion of the Elderly


In order to promote the harmonious implementation of the health activities based on the Health Services Law for the Elderly, JPHA composes the researchersf team and the survey and research program such as the health control system for the elderly is conducted.

(3) Survey and Research on maintenance of health crisis management system


To promote a maintenance system of health crisis management, JPHA invites the foreign researchers, dispatches the Japanese researchers to the foreign countries, fosters the younger researchers (Research Residents), disseminates the results of the researches and activates the utilization of the results.


   (New Program) To research the measures for the health crisis management and anti-terrorism system, JPHA invites the foreign researchers, dispatches the Japanese researchers to the foreign countries and activates the utilization of the results.


U@Programs entrusted by MHLW, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and Prefectures and Cities


(1)   Programs on the dissemination of Public Health Activities

JPHA assists the introduction programs to the prefectures and the municipalities relating to the health crisis management system, for example the tie-up of the areas and the collections and the provisions of the information.


(2)   Survey and Research on ethical, legal and social problems concerning up-to-date medical researches (entrusted the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2005-2007)


JPHA established and manages gthe committee of the Survey and Research on ethical, legal and social problems concerning up-to-date medical researchesh and visits and examines the project-collaborating research centers.


(3) Aid to the atomic bombed victims living abroad for their health promotion and medical care (entrusted by the governments of Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City and Nagasaki City)


V Survey and Research on the Environmental Health (entrusted by the Ministry of Environment)

  Related the low-concentrated exposure of the hazardous chemical substances such as methyl mercury and the hazardous environmental mutants to the human health, the researchersf team was composed and the survey and research program has been conducted.



8. Accuracy Control of the Mass Screening for Inborn Errors of Metabolism


@JPHA conducts the joint research of the inborn errors of metabolism with National Center for Child Health and Development, and JPHA Accuracy Control Center sends the standardized materials to the nationwide mass-screening centers.



9. Celebrating gTalkh Project on the 120th Anniversary of JPHA



10. Management of gKoei Buildingh